Micinorm – Opinions – where to buy?

Micinorm – Opinions – where to buy?

Micinorm against nail fungus – price, reviews, analogues


Nail fungus is diagnosed in many patients and the number of sufferers is increasing every year. Getting rid of the symptoms of fungus is a task of paramount importance for the fungus sufferer. However, this is not a possible task for every patient, as treatment requires time, money and some knowledge, so it is important to consult a doctor before using any remedy..

One of the newer formulations is Micinorm. It has a uniquely formulated composition and contains only natural products. According to the manufacturer, it is effective against ringworm at any stage.

One of the newer products is Micinorm.

Micinorm price

Micinorm Product Description


Micinorm is antifungal cream with a natural formulation. Includes plant micelles and other plant substances Micinorm is used for skin fungus, nail fungus and to relieve symptoms of the disease.

The preparation is effective, quickly relieves symptoms and destroys fungal growths, treats even the chronic stage of the disease, consolidates the results and acts as a prophylactic. .

Thanks to its natural composition, it is not harmful to health and is suitable for patients of all ages and sexes. It is contraindicated for people with hypersensitivity to the ingredients, allergic reactions should be discontinued. .

The Micinorm components are unique and have been selected by specialists. They complement each other, enhancing the effectiveness of the product. .

Micinorm cream contains the following ingredients:


Available in one form – cream. Each pack contains a brief description of the medicine and quality certificates.

Available in one form – cream.

The ointment is white, absorbs quickly and does not leave a residue on clothes.

The ointment is white.

Micinorm. Indications for use


When the first symptoms of fungus appear, consult a doctor immediately for treatment. As soon as there is an unpleasant odour from the feet, itching between the toes, redness of the skin, thickening of the nail plate, peeling of the epidermis, deterioration of the immune system, it is necessary to start treatment and destroy the fungus. Patients usually believe that these symptoms are due to other causes and do not start treatment in time, leading to the progression of the disease.

Specialists recommend the use of Micinorm at the onset of the disease.

Some of the indications for the use of Micinorm include:.

It is used to treat all types of fungi. It is recommended for people with excessive sweating and weak immunity.

It is recommended for people with excessive sweating and weak immunity.

Micinorm. Instructions for use


Before use, clean affected skin, nail plates. Cut off the overgrown parts. Then dry the skin thoroughly..


The cream is applied to the skin by rubbing it in with a massaging motion. It should be applied not only to the lesion, but also around it to prevent the fungus from spreading.

Cream should be applied to the skin.

Dosage: Apply several times a day, at least twice. In severe stages up to four times a day. A course of therapy lasts for one month, but it is recommended to treat for another week afterwards. On average, two to three packs of Micinorm cream are needed per course..

Micinorm price
Micinorm where to buy

Micinorm ointment is certified for quality in Russia, the United States and European countries. It is considered safe and effective. .

Micinorm in the treatment of fungi


Micinorm is used against most types of fungi. It destroys fungal formations, destroys their cell membrane and has a fungicidal effect. It is effective in relieving symptoms. .

How much does Micinorm cost?


The product is not sold in pharmacies because the manufacturer does not want to allow the retail price to increase too much.

Delivery costs vary depending on the region to which the product is to be delivered. Micinorm can be purchased from the official website, where a registration form has to be filled in, which is easy even for newcomers to the internet.

The product can be purchased from the official website.

To order Micinorm, go to the official website, enter your name in the box and then enter your phone number..

After entering all the required data, a consultant will call the indicated number to answer all questions, inform about discounts and promotions, and advise on the cost and time of delivery.


We deliver to all post office locations, payment is only made upon receipt of goods. It takes an average of one week to deliver the goods and two weeks in remote areas. .

Short overview


Micinorm. Contraindications to use



Because the cream has only natural substances in its composition, there are no contraindications. But if the patient has an allergic reaction to one of the ingredients in the remedy, it is not recommended. Hypersensitivity to the composition can lead to sensitisation..

According to the manufacturer, patients do not experience any side effects during the therapy, but only if it is used correctly.

It is approved for use by pregnant women and children over three years of age.

It is approved for use by pregnant women and children over three years of age.

Micinorm – ointment reviews


Micinorm – Opinions – where to buy?
Micinorm reviews

There are both positive and negative reviews of Micinorm cream. .


I did not get sick, but my mother did, she is 56 years old. She suffered from nail fungus for a very long time, the disease was neglected, the nail plates were completely infested by the fungus, they were in a terrible state, they crumbled, broke, there was hardly any fungus left on her feet. Of course, most of the medicines did not help her, or if they did, it was only temporary. She was allergic to many tablets, which made things difficult. A friend of my mother’s advised her to buy Micinorm ointment and gave her one packet left over from her treatment. She didn’t trust it at first, but after a week of using it, her nails started to look better. It stopped crumbling so much and grew back, so we ordered a few more packs to treat it for a month, as instructed.


I frequent swimming pools because I swim, but I have never caught fungus. My friends often got sick and I was lucky. But once a year and a shoot of the stick, in the tenth year of going to the pool, I got fungus. My skin became dry, red and itchy. I thought for a long time about what remedy to use, and decided to order a cream online on the advice of a cured friend. Micinorm has a natural composition, which is a plus for me. I have been using it for half a month now, the symptoms of ringworm have almost disappeared, but whether I will be cured completely – I don’t know yet..


I got the fungus a long time ago, several years ago. At first I didn’t notice the symptoms, but when the nail became very yellow, soft, started to break, when it started to hurt a lot, I had to go to the doctor. They did some tests and it turned out to be mould, but it was obvious when you looked at it. I was sick because the fungus aggravates the immune system.

I was prescribed an inexpensive remedy, but it proved ineffective and after a month the symptoms returned. I then noticed an advertisement for Micinorm cream and ordered it. I applied it according to the product’s instructions and after half a month the nail was no longer yellow, it had grown back to a healthy nail, the smell and itching had disappeared and the plate had strengthened. After the course, the condition was cured..

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