Exodermin – Opinions – where to buy?

Exodermin – Opinions – where to buy?

Itching, burning, peeling nails and toenails are symptoms of a fungal infection. Prolonged nail fungus not only causes discomfort, but also exacerbates chronic diseases, weakened immunity and allergic reactions. In advanced cases, ulcerations, cracks and pustules appear. In cases of sepsis, nail loss or amputation of the limb occurs.

Exodermin fungus gel – a natural remedy for quick treatment, prevention of ringworm. You only need to apply the cream once, and the unpleasant odour, itching, peeling skin goes away. If you undergo the treatment, cracks, heel sores and interdigital folds will heal, and the nail plate will be restored to full functionality.

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Tycosis (onychomycosis) is an infectious disease caused by pathogens. It is caused by low immunity, excessive foot sweating, medication (antibiotics), lack of hygiene, corns, cuts after cosmetic procedures or wearing inappropriate footwear.

In most cases the infection is caused by dermatophytes, transmitted after direct contact with the infected person through household objects. The fungus settles in the nail bed area. It then migrates deep into the nail bed. It causes uneven, grey-yellow colouration of the nail bed and complete or partial destruction of the nail..

Some people ignore the appearance of fungus. But this is by no means harmless. It can lead to hospitalisation, surgery to remove the nail plate in the case of a bacterial infection. Journalists at the Independent conducted their own investigation. The aim of the study was to find out the composition, the principle of action, the way Exodermin cream is used.

Whether the remedy is indeed the No. 1 remedy for onychomycosis according to the med portal is fully GMP compliant. Specifically developed to eliminate infection in a short period of time if white spots and striations have appeared on the nail, its shape has changed, the plate is damaged. Unpleasant odour, itching, burning, peeling, blistering and cracking, numbness and tingling in the feet.

Nail and toenail fungus: What causes it?


Onychomycosis is a common dermatological disease. The causative agent is infectious dermatophyte fungi. They enter the skin, into the body from the external environment. Triggering factors (sources of infection).


Fungal infections are a plague that can be contracted anywhere. Of course, people with a stable immune system who do not neglect preventive measures have little chance of catching the infection. However, there are many factors that can cause nail fungus:.

In the beginning, the fungus causes slight physical discomfort. Then unnatural streaks and spots appear on the nails. If left untreated, the fungus progresses. Each type of fungus forms colonies on its host. The fungus germinates deep into the tissues, destroying cellular structures. In the early stages, no symptoms are observed, when the fungus attaches only to dead skin scales. In stage 2, the edges of the nail begin to yellow, become dull and thicken in the corners. Transverse striations and an unpleasant odour appear. Gradually the whole nail becomes yellow. The nail becomes deformed and falls off in pieces. The nail bed becomes bare. The nail falls off. The protective reserves of the immune system are weakened..

Exodermin is an anti-fungal cream.


Exodermin is a unique topical formulation whose active ingredients quickly penetrate deep into the skin, inhibiting the growth of pathogenic microorganisms.

Exodermin is an anti-fungal cream.

The product is completely safe, so no side effects will occur. In 2016, 2 doctoral theses were defended in it. It is used as a basis for comprehensive therapy, rehabilitation of patients diagnosed with onychomycosis after clinical trials.

Fungal Cream – additional care for fungal feet and nails, the health and beauty of your feet. Use 1 treatment as the manufacturers guarantee the elimination of odour, the appearance of comfort and vigour in movement and the restoration of nails.Thanks to the preparation, you can get rid of the infection once and for all and even visit public places (baths, saunas, swimming pools) without fear of secondary infection from the fungus.


A Swiss scientist developed the cream based on clinical studies. All the ingredients in the composition are a treasure trove of natural powers. A special role is attributed to castoreum, the active ingredient:.Calanchoe, propolis. Normalizes the skin, prevents the spread of fungal infections, restores immunity.Marigold extract, Monarda oil strengthen the nail plate, slows down the regeneration process as a protective film forms on the skin surface. .Aloe vera leaf extract and birch bark extract moisturise the dermis, eliminate odour and flaking of the skin and prevent the further spread of pathogenic infections.

How to use

Each pack of Exodermina comes with instructions for use, making it easy to use. Algorithm for therapeutic effect:.The cream creates a sarcophagus effect when applied, covering the affected areas with a hydrophobic layer. It is not necessary to treat the nails every 3 hours. Twice a day is sufficient. The infection spores will be destroyed immediately, for 20 consecutive hours. The active substances, thanks to their unique formula, penetrate deep into the nail tubules and even accumulate in the body and develop immunity. No one can become infected again. The chances are reduced to zero..

Exodermin price
Exodermin where to buy

How does it work?

The cream works quickly. After 2-3 days, you can see the first effects and return to your normal life. After just 1 course of use, you will be completely rid of discomfort and disease. The cream works fast.

Exodermin for external use:

Active ingredients, when penetrated into the affected area, bind fungal spores, preventing their further reproduction. Castoreum + extracts from mumijo relieve discomfort, itching and irritation, promote healing. Propolis + calanchoe even treat chronic fungal diseases. Birch bark pitch + aloe vera leaf extract removes odour and excessive sweating, prevents the growth of colonies of pathogenic microflora, moisturises and nourishes affected areas.



In the treatment of onychomycosis in its early stages, doctors prescribe topical preparations (ointments, creams, solutions, varnishes): Clotrimazole, Lamisil, Lorinden, Oxyconazole, Ketoconazole, Triderm, Ecodax, Ifin, Mycosan. Cyclopiroxolamine. Downside – numerous contraindications, so drugs should only be prescribed by a doctor. Many of them cannot be used during pregnancy and lactation, chronic kidney and liver diseases..

Exodermin is unique in that it has become the leader in terms of the number of clinical trials, the number 1 preparation for fungi according to med port.

Exodermin – Opinions – where to buy?
Exodermin reviews

100% effectiveness of the product is confirmed by certificates of quality and compliance, many positive reviews on the Internet. .

Exodermin is based on a unique active castoreum, which contains more than 1,000 useful molecules with high antifungal activity, providing a powerful fungus-destroying action.



More than 20% of people on the planet carry nail fungus. In most cases, the disease is recurrent. Causes of infection:.

If immediate treatment is not undertaken, the infection will begin to spread rapidly through the superficial layers of the dermis. It causes thickening of the skin, painful cracking, desquamation and expulsion of the dermal bed. The danger is that the fungus is contagious. If one family member is infected, everyone else can quickly become infected..

Nail fungus is often the result of untreated skin infections on the hands and feet. Journalists from The Independent carried out their own investigation. The composition of the cream was taken to a laboratory to test every ingredient. Specialists visited the supplier, asked for quality certificates and a licence to sell. The opinion of an independent expert and the opinions of ordinary people were taken into account. Conclusions based on the information gathered: Exodermin is not a scam, but a real reality for getting rid of fungus quickly..

More than 300 laboratory studies have been conducted in the EU and worldwide. It has been fully proven to quickly suppress the infection and speed up the rehabilitation process. P>

It has been fully proven to suppress the infection and speed up the rehabilitation process.

As the doctors say: suppress the fungus – the disease will pass. The active ingredients of Exodermin actively suppress fungal agents, increase the body’s defences. Castoreum alone contains 1,000 useful ingredients. It has long been widely used by western pharmacists. Cream as a whole:.

Exodermin without contraindications can be trusted because it has taken the lead in the number of studies conducted. It has been proven to fully kill the infection, even in atrophic, exacerbated forms of the disease. It has been proven to kill the infection.

Expert opinion


Maximilian Wieczorek, mycologist, dermatologist. It is very difficult to get rid of onychomycosis of the nails and skin because people do not always pay attention to the previous development of the pathology. However, the pathogens progress quickly, form colonies and cause numerous complications. I recommend using Exodermin if you need to quickly eliminate any manifestation of the disease. The efficacy of the cream is fully proven..

Don’t delay! If you notice itchy and flaky skin today, you could end up in hospital tomorrow. Doctors are prescribing antibiotics. .

Reviews of Exodermin


K, 34 years old.

What it means just from the fungus I have not tried. The symptoms then disappear and then start to appear again. I went to the doctor. I was prescribed Exodermin. Within 3 days all the symptoms disappeared and after 6 months nothing bothers me anymore. The heels are like a baby’s..

A 41 year old.

A 41 year old.

I am constantly plagued by ringworm. Probably due to low immunity. I accidentally came across information about Exodermin and placed an order. Now I can’t get over it. I have not had any symptoms of infection for 4 months..

M 41 years old.

I am an athlete. I can’t last a day without the gym. But for the communal shower I have to go barefoot. I always forget to take my slippers with me. I want to buy this Exodermin cream after reading real reviews on prevention. .

Where to buy, price.


Unfortunately, Exodermin ointment cannot be purchased from pharmacies, third-party services. This unique product can only be purchased from the official website of the manufacturer. .

Delivery in regions  – cash on delivery. Payment is on delivery at the post office when the consignment arrives. .

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