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Black Latte – Opinions – where to buy?

Black Latte – Opinions – where to buy?
Black Latte – Opinions – where to buy?

Black Latte is a coffee concentrate that is aggressively advertised as a universal weight loss agent. In order to understand the properties of this drink, let’s take a closer look at its composition, history and experience of use in practice.

History of the black black latte


Fitness club-goers are well aware of the properties of caffeine and L-carnitine. Caffeine causes the body’s hard-to-reach fat reserves to be burned during exercise, rather than carbohydrate reserves (normally, carbohydrate reserves are used up first, while fat reserves are stored for a rainy day).

The body’s fat reserves are burned.

L-carnitine is responsible for the transport of lipid acids into the cells of muscle tissue. Increased concentrations of this substance accelerate lipid metabolism, and thus accumulated fat tissue. is burned faster.

In South Korea, they decided to combine business with pleasure by adding L-carnitine to instant coffee. In 2015, the menu of Seoul’s coffee shops featured the Dabang milkshake, which tastes like a classic latte but is as black as charcoal: the enterprising Koreans added not only L-carnitine but also ground activated charcoal to the drink. Activated charcoal is an effective absorbent that helps eliminate toxins from the body.

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Information about Black Latte


The news of an unusual cocktail that can help you shed excess weight immediately went viral on social media. The idea was picked up in the US and Australia. The Australian pioneer of the black latte is believed to have been Ockheon Bion, a Sydney coffee shop owner. As well as black lattes, the café serves a number of unusual cocktails, including a wasabi latte and an espresso with egg yolks.

Black Latte reviews

In the United States, the recipe for a black latte has been given a creative twist. Since there are many vegetarians in the country, soy or almond milk is added to the drink. In New York cafés, black lattes are often topped with vegetable cream and organic coconut shell charcoal.

Carbon-black coffee is advertised as “a gothsdream“.

Those who have tried the cocktail say it has an unusual but pleasant taste, but you can feel the activated carbon granules on your teeth. .

Rules for using Black LATTE


Advertisements claim that you can drink a charcoal latte at any time of the day, except in the evening (BLACK LATTE is refreshing, drunk in the evening it can cause insomnia).

Those who are interested in the properties of supplements know, however, that both caffeine and L-carnitine only help to shed weight if you expose yourself to physical activity after taking them. If you take L-carnitine supplements and sit comfortably in your favourite armchair, your body simply doesn’t need the energy and the fatty acids are not used.

That’s why to lose weight with Black LATTE, you should exercise for at least half an hour or walk for at least an hour after taking the drink.

The following is a great way to lose weight with Black LATTE.

Specially noteworthy is chromium picolinate. Because this substance enhances the action of insulin, supplements containing it are usually taken after a meal, when blood glucose levels are particularly high. Therefore, Black LATTE is best taken after breakfast or lunch..

Let’s formulate the 3 principles on which Black LATTE is most effective:.

For someone who doesn’t go to the gym, the best time to drink a smoothie is in the morning, after breakfast, and walking to work.

The best time to drink a smoothie is in the morning, after breakfast, and walking to work

Black Latte where to buy

Contraindications to the use of Black LATTE


Chromium picolinate has an effect on the pancreas. If you suffer from pancreatitis or diabetes, do not consume Black LATTE uncontrollably. People with these conditions should consult their doctor before starting to lose weight with Black LATTE.


A doctor should also be consulted if a person who considers themselves healthy feels a tingling sensation in the pancreas after drinking the drink. These symptoms sometimes indicate the onset of the disease. .

After 1-2 months of taking Black LATTE, a break should be taken for 3-6 months.

Efficacy of black latte


Black LATTE is significantly more expensive than regular instant or natural coffee. The makers of the concentrate are right to think that those who pay decent money for their products will change their daily lifestyle, start moving more and eating less sweets. This in itself helps to lose weight..

The supplements in the concentrate speed up the process, but don’t expect to lose more than 2-3 kilos in a month. To achieve more serious results, you need to make an effort: sign up to a fitness club and completely change your diet.

Supplements are a must.

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